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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Schedule of payment


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1 Tuition fees 228,000.00 234,000.00 246,000.00
2 Registration 18,000.00 18,000.00 18,000.00
3 Workshop and Laboratory NILL NILL 12,000.00
4 Library Fees 12,000.00 12,000.00 12,000.00
5 Medical / Accident Insurance (including initial medical examination 12,000.00 12,000.00 12,000.00
Sub-Total 270,000.00 276,000.00 300,000.00
6 Accommodation 50,000.00 50,000.00 50,000.00
TOTAL 320,000.00 326,000.00 350,000.00
7 * * Family Forum 4,000.00 4,000.00 4,000.00

Fresh Students will pay all the above plus:
7 Admission / Acceptance Processing fee (payable once and non-refundable) 30,000.00 30,000.00 30,000.00
8 Caution (Payable once and refundable at the completion of the programme) 20,000.00 20,000.00 20,000.00
Students may pay all fees in full at 1st Semester or pay 60% at 1st Semester and balance of 40% at 2nd Semester.

Note that the Caution fee is payable once in the 1st Semester.

Accommodation fee excludes feeding, which is estimated at between N150 - N200 per plate on pay as you eat basis.
Accommodation fee covers the provision of bed space, bed, mattress and pillow
Students should bring along with them the following:
1 Blanket
2 White Bed Sheets for a 3ft Bed
2 Pillow cases
The fitted bed sheets should be of any of the following colours:
Light Blue
Light Green


Forms can be obtained from the University Registry on the payment of the sum of N5,000.00 (Five Thousand Naira) only to any of the following Banks:

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Bank Account Number
OCEANIC BANK PLC 1791701200010

Candidates should ensure that:
(a) They write their names on the teller, and
(b) The teller number is written on the application form.

Efforts have been made to ensure that each Screening Form Envelope contains Forms A, B, C and an Acknowledgment Card. After paying for the form, please ensure that your envelope contains all these four (4) documents. If any of the documents is missing, please contact the University Registry immediately on Tel: 01-773-1593. Please retain the Acknowledgment Card and bring it to the Screening Venue as directed below.

Please attach proof of purchase to the completed forms.

The Screening Form of the University can also be obtained on-line at
Pay the sum of N5,000.00 (Five Thousand Naira) only to any of the following Banks: First Bank Plc, Intercontinental Bank Plc and Oceanic Bank Plc. Thereafter, download the screening form as stated above. Please attach proof of purchase to the downloaded form before submission. Also ensure that Forms A, B, C and the Acknowledgment Card are downloaded and completed as instructed. Retain the Acknowledgment Card and bring it to the Screening Venue.

For further information on Admission requirement or Program of Study, please visit the following links below:

The screening exercise will take place at the University Auditorium, Redemption City, Km 46, Lagos/Ibadan Expressway, on Saturday, 13th June, 2009 from 8.00 a.m. The result of the screening exercise will be published in the Punch Edition of Friday, 26th June, 2009; the University Notice Board and the University website www.run.edu.ng

Completed Screening forms should be returned to the Registrar by Hand or by EMS / DHL or any Speed Post to reach him not later than Friday, 29th May, 2009. Candidates are to report at the Venue of the Screening Exercise with the following:
Acknowledgment Card; Receipt of purchase of the Screening Form;
Writing materials (ball pen, pencil, ruler, eraser etc)

The 2009/2010 academic session commences on 7th September, 2009


Five (5) ‘O’ Level credit passes in at least one sitting or six (6) ‘O’ Level credit passes at not more than two (2) sittings.
Credit passes in the Senior Secondary School (S.S.S) Certificate, or its equivalent in relevant subject areas in addition to acceptable pass in the Joint Matriculation Examination, are the qualifications for admission into the four (4) year degree programmes of Redeemer’s University.
Credit passes in Mathematics and English Language at the Senior School Certificate or equivalent are required for all courses in Redeemer’s University

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About RUN

We have a vision for a better nation; a Nigeria of frank and candid academicians, dependable and honest artisans, God fearing and faithful pastors, decent and law-abiding citizens, trusworthy and upright youths, caring and compassionate doctors, honourable and truthful politicians, open and sincere business community, courageous and reliable public servants.

We have a vision for a country where judges are just and impartial, soldiers, policemen and women are compassionate and considerate, traditional rulers embody distinction, dignity and decorum, bankers are honest and honourable.

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We have a vision for a future generation of creative, innovative and inventive enterpreneurs. We want to mould a generation of kind, thoughtful and gentle adolescents, who are motivated to build and sustain a better Nigeria where peace, justice fairness and Godliness reign. We are looking forward with optimism and intense anticipation for a Nigeria we can all defend, protect and be proud of. We have a desire and an aspiration for a nation whose trust is in the Lord God Almighty. This is our vision at the Redeemer's University (RUN), where we want to build the future of Nigeria, today.

Because you embody this vision, we are honoured and privileged to have you with us as our core partners, as we RUN with the vision for a better Nation.

General jamb entry requirements

In addition to the specific entyr requirements into each faculty or department, the following are the genral entry requirements approved for the admission into first degree courses for both UME and Direct Entry candidates.
Applicants must write the universities Matriculation Examination (UME) and attain an acceptable standard in the use of English (compulsory) and three subjects relevant to the proposed course of study

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Candidate must in addition to attaining an acceptable standard in the university Matriculation Examination obtain one of the following qualifications
(a) National Examination Council (NECO)/ West African Examinations Council (WAEC) Senior School Certificate(SSC)/ General Certificate of Education Ordinary level(SSC/GCE O/Level) or equivalents with credit passes in Five(5) subjects relevant to the course and obtained at not more than two sitting; except where otherwise specified.
(b) Grade 2 teacher’s certificate(TC11) with credit or merit passes in atleast five(5) subjects. PLEASE NOTE THAT TC11 IS NOT ACCEPTABLE FOR SOME COURSES IN SOME UNIVERSITIES.
(c) National Technical Certificate (NTC), National Business Certifcate with Credit passes in five(5) subjects relevant to the course and obtained at not more than two sittings. For the purpose of NTC/NBC, a credit in any General Education Subjects, trade related subjects and trade component subjects is relevant to a credit in a subject.
(d) A credit pass in Mathematics is required for all Science based and Social science Courses except where it is stated otherwise.
(e) A credit pass in English Language is reqiured for all courses except where it is stated otherwise
(f) Please note that a matriculated student in Any University is not eligible to sit for the University Matriculation Examination (UME) except those who are transferring from foreign Universities.